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Lukas Oldenburg
Lukas Oldenburg

A Digital Analytics Expert who gets things done

dim28 is run by Lukas Oldenburg who knows the Digital Analytics world down to the tiny technical details. He has led dozens of successful Analytics projects - and some failed ones. Large E-Commerce sites are his forte, Adobe & Google Analytics, Tealium, Google Tag Manager & Adobe Launch are his main playgrounds.

He takes responsibility and gets things done - with leadership experience in various industries (more on Lukas, dim28's clients and projects).
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Data Collection that scales

Client- or Server-Side Tag Management for websites, mobile apps or IOT - get the data where you need it in a sustainable and scalable way. No need to fear ad blockers, but still privacy-compliant.

Your Head of Digital Analytics for Rent

Great talent is hard to find. Rent me as your Interim DIgital Analytics Expert or Analytics Project Manager and get your Digital Analytics setup or team up to speed - or back on track. I can also organize additional resources.

Adobe Components in Google Sheets

Drowning in thousands of Adobe Analytics Segments, Metrics, Dimensions or Date Ranges? Stay afloat and help your users with the Adobe Analytics Bulk Component Manager for Google Sheets.

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Recent Articles by Lukas Oldenburg

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Why the Death of Sessions is a Myth

We are not really in an “Age of User-Centric Analytics” yet — rather the Opposite

Especially since the advent of Google Analytics 4, I have been hearing the argument ever more frequently: Sessions have become irrelevant. We are in an age of “user-centric” Analytics. Not really. But what would be the ideal measurement time frame?

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Free Version of the Adobe Analytics Component Manager for Google Sheets

Account usage and Workspace stats, editing eVars, props, Succcess Events are now free

Cleaning up Adobe Analytics components and workspaces in a data-driven manner, keeping an eye on login & workspace viewing trends over time, managing multiple Virtual Report Suites’ Curated Components in an efficient manner, harmonizing duplicate segments & calculated metrics, replacing a dimension, segment or metric by another one everywhere — many Admins save hundreds of hours with the Adobe Analytics Component Manager for Google Sheets already.

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Issues of Tracking QA Solutions, and what a better one could look like

Automated Client- and Server-Side QA of Data Collection

The futile (?) dream of many Digital Analytics/Tag Management/Data Collection specialists: a tracking implementation where every measurement point in any technical constellation is automatically validated against non-trivial, up-to-date rules and serves you errors on an actionable silver plate: Perfect, automated QA of data collection (aka “tracking”). There are good solutions, but they are limited, and they focus on the less relevant (part 1).
We show a solution that does (almost) all the things I want a data collection QA solution to do, and it does so without requiring licensing fees (apart from a couple of dollars monthly on Google Cloud Platform). We use Mocha & Chai for visual client-side ad-hoc data validation (part 2) and then take the whole thing server-side in a scalable way so every user becomes a data layer tester (part 3).

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What a Customer Data Platform (CDP) Should Offer

From Real-Time Multi-ID User Stitching to Triggering Flexible Actions

The number of vendors claiming to offer a Customer Data Platform (CDP) has skyrocketed. From e-mail specialists to tag management providers — as long as a product used to offer something with customer data and had some APIs for data input and output, it now is likely called a “CDP”. The CDP Institute’s “Vendor Comparison” lists 53 solutions alone! Let’s try to define a CDP and look at its most important components.

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Server-Side Tag Management: Satan or Saviour?

Heavenly and Devilish Examples of Server-Side Tracking

Server-side tracking, especially in the form of server-side Tag Management, is one of the hottest trends in Digital Analytics and Marketing. This article gives an introduction and highlights the potential for good and bad. And when did “first-party data” mutate into an irony of itself?

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Bots & Analytics: Common Failing Approaches to Bot Filtering and how to solve them

From Filtering out Bots to Filtering in Humans
This is the never-ending story in 2 acts on how to deal with Bots in your Google or Adobe Analytics data.

In part 1, I review common, yet usually insufficient or even completely failing approaches. Why did I give up on AI-driven solutions like ReCaptcha, Akamai Bot Manager or Ad Fraud Detection tools? How good are the built-in Bot Filters? Should you at least maintain Bot Filters/Segments on top of GA views/AA Virtual Report Suites? Why does Server-Side Tracking exacerbate the Bot issues?

In part 2, I look at a client who saw Bot Traffic surging to over 40%, a case which made me reconsider entirely how to approach Bot Filtering. We show a 2-layered system which turns traditional approaches upside dow - instead of filtering out Bots, the focus is on filtering in humans.

Also: Check out the video of our presentation (together with David Hermann) at Superweek 2023 on the topic.

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Webinar: "From Ad Cost to Bottom-Line Revenue and Profit Margins"

When you tell Google you earn 100 dollars, but in fact you earn 47, it is time for "Bottom-Line Analytics"!

Lukas's first webinar at the renowned SDEC showed why Conversions can be bad for you - due to the so-called "blind spot of Marketing Measurement". He showed, with real-life examples, how to shed light on the often vast gaps between tracked and actual "bottom-line" revenue. Moreover, Lukas outlined how you to get Ad Cost and Bottom-Line Revenue and Profit into Adobe Analytics.

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