Adobe Analytics Component Manager for Google Sheets, by Datacroft

One of the strengths of Adobe Analytics lies in its many components that can be quickly created for each use case – the Segments, Calculated Metrics, Date Ranges, and Workspaces.

However, these can quickly grow into thousands and confuse users and admins. It’s also easy to lose track of the dimensions (eVars/props) and metrics (Success Events).

Adobe Analytics admins who take their job seriously are thus plagued by questions like:

  • How do we get an overview of all our components?
  • Which ones can be deleted because they are duplicates or no longer used?
  • Which components are still being used, even though they really shouldn’t be?
  • Do the segments we showed in the training resonate?
  • Which eVars, props or Success Events can we remove from the implementation because they are not used in any Workspace/Segment/Calculated Metric definition?
  • How do we efficiently establish a unified naming convention for Segments and Calculated Metrics?
  • How can we easily export Adobe Analytics Report data into a Google Sheet or Looker Studio?
  • Which Workspaces get the most attention (views and active schedules)?
  • How are Logins and Workspace views trending over time? Which users are becoming Power Users? Which ones are churning? Which ones haven’t logged in in ages?
  • How can we manage multiple Virtual Report Suite's Curated Components efficiently?
For this and much more, I built the Component Manager. It is meant to be your Adobe Analytics Admin's best friend. :)

The Component Manager is available in a free and paid version. Learn more at (where you can also request a free demo) or get started with the Google Sheets Add-on right away.
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Adobe Analytics Component Manager for Google Sheets, by Datacroft